To be a volunteer you need to

  • Be aged 20 years or more (minimum age for CCF RAF is 18 years. Uniformed officers serve up to age 65)
  • have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
  • commit to a certain number of hours each week (around 12 hours a month)
  • understand young people and their needs
  • be patient, responsible and kind
  • have a good level of fitness, but by no means be an athlete

We know our volunteers may have families, jobs and hobbies, so we can be flexible and work around other areas of your lives. All we expect in return is clear communication, good organisation and commitment to your squadron.

You do not need

  • a military background or experience
  • experience of working with young people
  • relevant skills like flying or gliding

We provide uniforms and all the training you’ll require and there are opportunities to move up through the ranks as an officer or senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO). You’ll be guided through the process of interviews at Wing HQs and Regional HQs. 

While our volunteers don’t get paid, if you progress to be an officer or non-commissioned officer you can claim for up to 28 days’ volunteer allowance.

Meet some of our adult volunteers

Volunteer teaching cadet about maps