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Shanwayne Stephens

I joined 115 (Peterborough) Air Cadets Squadron in 2006 aged 16 where I enjoyed taking part in many activities such as shooting, flying, and athletics.

I joined the Royal Air Force as a Regiment gunner in 2011, shortly after training, I served on the Queen’s Colour Squadron where I took part in many high-profile ceremonies such as the Changing of The Guard, RAF 100, and the Festival of Remembrance.

After being introduced to the sport of bobsleigh in the RAF in 2015, I competed at the Beijing 2022Winter Olympic Games for my country of birth Jamaica.

My highlight

My highlights of being in the Air Cadets include discovering I had a talent for shooting which later helped me to qualify as a sniper in the RAF Regiment. I have also travelled to Canada and America competing for both the RAF and the RAF Regiment in shooting competitions.

My second highlight is having the opportunity to conduct a solo flight in a Vigilant Glider in 2007, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t joined the Air Cadets.

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