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Compulsory Discharge and access to full Resettlement Entitlements

Tri-Service resettlement policy has been changed to allow all Service leavers who have been compulsorily discharged to retain access to resettlement entitlements commensurate with their length of service.

This change updated tri-Service resettlement policy which previously stated that Service leavers who were compulsorily discharged from the Armed Forces must have their resettlement entitlement reduced to the lowest level of provision, which was the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) Future Horizons (Early Service Leaver (ESL)), irrespective of length of service.

Those Service leavers eligible, can now access the Core Resettlement Programme (CRP) (if they have served over 6 years service) or the Employment Support Programme (ESP) (for those who have served between 4 - 6 years) along with access to employment services for 2 years post-Service. This policy change will provide these Service leavers with an opportunity to undertake resettlement training to re-skill for a new career.

Further details are available through JSP534 - The Tri-Service Resettlement and Employment Support Manual, or your Regional Resettlement Advisor.