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Wraparound Childcare Pilot Scheme

A pilot scheme which offers free wraparound childcare (WAC), usually, but not always, taken in the form of breakfast and after school clubs. is running for Service personnel (regardless of Service) who are assigned to RAF High Wycombe or RAF Halton. (Army (Catterick Garrison) and Navy (Plymouth area) pilots commenced in January 2021).

Working parents, at least one of whom is a member of the Armed Forces, with children at school aged 4-11 will be able to receive funding for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time (equivalent to approx. one hour before and up to three hours after school per day) WAC offered by a registered childcare provider (Ofsted or equivalent).

At the end of the pilot, a transition period is offered to those having joined the pilot scheme until such time as a decision is made whether to fully roll out the scheme or not. In the case of a no roll-out decision, individuals receive funding for the longer of six weeks or until the end of the next term. If the decision is to roll out fully, then funding will continue until the formal full roll-out date.

The scheme has now been extended until 31 Jul 21 and further details are available by clicking on the image below:



Or click here to see the flyer.