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Return To Fitness Week 5

Return To Fitness Programme.

RAF Return To Fitness Programme Week 5

  • Have you completed the initial 4 week ‘Baseline’ phase of the Return To Fitness programme? 
  • Can you run for 20 minutes without stopping and have a reasonable level of bodyweight exercise capacity?
  • Have you completed the Rockport Walk?

Then phase 5 is for you.  This develop phase aims to build on the great work achieved over the initial 4 weeks in terms of bodyweight exercise and running capacity.

Over the course of this block, we will attempt to move from bilateral (two limb) movements into unilateral (single limb) movements to further increase strength, balance and control.  Running is effectively a single limb movement, so utilising these exercises can result in a huge crossover benefit, when looking to improve Multi Stage Fitness Test performance. 

From a running perspective, we will now look to utilise ‘interval training’ in order to develop the cardiovascular fitness and speed necessary for the Multi Stage Fitness Test.  It is really important that you utilise the Rate Of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale throughout these sessions in order to maximise their benefits. 

"The ongoing pandemic has presented many challenges and to coincide with the gradual easing of restrictions our RAF Physical Training Instructors have created a Return to Fitness Package to assist Regular and Reserve personnel to maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing.  Based on a progressive programme of activities and including important nutritional advice, personnel will have access to information leaflets, videos and audio files for use at home, at the gym or outdoors."

Air Commodore Simon Harper
ACOS Training

We start the develop phase with a running baseline assessment – this is personal to you and there is no need to submit your score anywhere.  However, it offers us the opportunity to track our progress during the latter part of the course and making a tangible performance improvement can be hugely motivational.  

You will also notice a shift from bilateral (2 limb) to unilateral (1 limb) movements during the bodyweight sessions.  By working unilaterally, we can enhance the improvement of strength, capacity, balance and proprioception of each limb in isolation. This has huge crossover benefits to running and sports. 

The videos are all available from the Official RAF YouTube Channel and the Return To Fitness page.

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Good luck!