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Return To Fitness Week 6

Return To Fitness Programme.

RAF Return To Fitness Programme Week 6

We continue the develop phase with a hugely informative video from Corporal Terry Kynaston on the benefits and differences of concentric, eccentric and isometric exercises.  This should provide you with some clarity when you notice the different tempos and holds that are required for certain exercises; we are chasing the optimal amount of physical adaptation from these exercises so try your best to maintain the set tempos. 

As ever, the running programme develops further with a focus on pushing into higher RPE thresholds.  If we want to meet the demands of the faster Multi-Stage Fitness Test levels, then it’s vital that we mimic these speeds (and above) within our training load.  However, it’s also important to follow the active recovery Rate Of Perceived Exertion scores to ensure we are ready to go for the next hard effort. 

"The ongoing pandemic has presented many challenges and to coincide with the gradual easing of restrictions our RAF Physical Training Instructors have created a Return to Fitness Package to assist Regular and Reserve personnel to maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing.  Based on a progressive programme of activities and including important nutritional advice, personnel will have access to information leaflets, videos and audio files for use at home, at the gym or outdoors."

Air Commodore Simon Harper
ACOS Training

The videos are all available from the Official RAF YouTube Channel and the Return To Fitness page.

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