Ground Crew and Engineers

The RAF Chinook Display Team is made up of far more than just the flight crew and could not function without its engineers. The ground support teams work extremely hard to get the aircraft ready for display flying and keep it serviceable throughout the weekend. Often they will arrive at the Chinook hours before the crew arrive to ensure that the aircraft is good to go whilst flight briefings are occurring elsewhere. Like all rotary-wing engineers they rightly take pride in readying an aircraft even if exposed to wind, rain or any other conditions during their pre-flight checks.

The engineers tend to arrive at a display venue by road, ahead of the aircraft, and often leave after it departs for home. The small, experienced teams are led by carefully selected engineering managers who know the aircraft intimately. The teams work long hours to make sure that enthusiastic spectators get to see the Chinook Display and, just as it is for the Display Crew, their ground role is a secondary duty to which they dedicate a huge amount of time and energy. Their hard work and commitment is what gets the aircraft into the air time and time again and the display could not be achieved without them.

Team Manager

Sergeant Gav "Ando" Anderson

Team Supervisor

Squadron Leader John Plenty

Engineering Team Leads

Flight Sergeant Marcus Ward

Chief Tech James Taylor-Field

Media and Communications Officer

Flying Officer Rosie Middleton

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