Where to see a Display

The Grob Tutor will display across the United Kingdom, although flying is subject to weather and aircraft serviceability.

Request a Display 2023

If you have an event and wish to be considered for a display or flypast of any RAF asset then please complete the appropriate application form below.

Flypast Application Form 2023

Applications for flypasts in 2023 should be received by 30 November 22.  RAF will not routinely conduct flypasts at corporate events or at private events such as Weddings, Birthdays or Funerals etc.

Display Application Form 2023

Applications for displays in 2023 should be received by 31 September 22.  Aerobatic Displays can only be conducted at recognised display venues under the supervision of a CAA accredited Flying Display Director. 

Completed application forms should be sent electronically to the RAF Air Events Team at:

[email protected]

The AET can be contacted on the email above or on 020 8833 8063 or 020 8833 8769

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