The 2024 Typhoon Display Team

The Typhoon display circuit is a culmination of months of hard work, detailed preparation and concerted effort by the team behind the display. Whilst it is the pilot who displays the aircraft, Flt Lt David "Turbo" Turnbull cannot even begin to do his job without the unfaltering commitment and backing from the dedicated group of professionals that make up the Typhoon Display Team.

This year’s team from 29 Squadron will comprise a specialist from every aircraft trade along with support and management teams to assist both the pilot and the trades, all of whom work closely together to bring you the dazzling spectacle that is the Typhoon Display.

The team look forward to the unique challenges that a display season brings and the opportunity to showcase the Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft to the general public.

With the future of the Royal Air Force firmly in our sight we look forward to showcasing the mind blowing display of speed, power and agility by Flight Lieutenant David "Turbo" Turnbull and his Typhoon aircraft.

The Pilot

Flight Lieutenant David "Turbo" Turnbull.

Flight Lieutenant David Turnbull. Flt Lt David ‘Turbo’ Turnbull, 32, was born in Welwyn Garden City and grew up in Cambridgeshire. He became interested in joining the RAF after being shown around a Tornado GR4 at Marham by a serving relative and has been hooked ever since. When he was 17, he received a passenger flight in a Tigermoth at Duxford which further fuelled his desire to be a pilot. Outside of flying Turbo enjoys playing football and represents the RAF Officers’ Football Team, Icarus FC. However, he has decided to take this season off to prevent having to expose any injuries to 9G during his display!

Turbo joined the RAF as a direct entrant in 2010 after completing his A-Levels and graduated Initial Officer Training at RAF College Cranwell before beginning his flying training. Turbo was streamed Fast Jet after Elementary Flying Training and then completed 2 seasons on hold with BBMF and was lucky enough to fly in the Lancaster and Dakota during the D-Day 70th Anniversary in France. He was awarded his RAF wings at RAF Linton-On-Ouse and after Advanced Fast Jet Training on the Hawk T2 at RAF Valley, he was role-disposed to the Typhoon FGR4.

Turbo first soloed in Typhoon at the start of 2018 on the Operational Conversion Unit, 29 Sqn, at RAF Coningsby before being posted to Mighty II(AC) Sqn at RAF Lossiemouth. A busy front line tour for Turbo included two deployments on Op SHADER over Iraq and Syria, Exercises SAIF SARREA and BURSAMA LIMA in Oman and Malaysia as well as 2 deployments to RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands. In 2021, Turbo re-joined 29 Squadron, this time as as a Qualified Flying Instructor, playing a role in the conversion of new pilots to the Typhoon and preparing them to operate the aircraft in a swing-role capability. In addition to his instructional duties, he also contributes to RAF Coningsby’s primary task of defending UK sovereign airspace on Quick Reaction Alert.

Away from the RAF, Turbo lives with his Girlfriend Tabatha, who is a Meteorologist working for the MET Office. A role that will no doubt prove useful during any British summer


Management Team

The Typhoon Display Team could not operate without the hard work behind the scenes from the management team. Led by the Display Team Manager, Flt Lt Nina Wilkinson, along with Engineering Manager Sergeant Polly McKinlay and Deputy Engineering Manager Corporal Michael Hall, and Digital Media Manager Corporal Jamie Platts.

The team are responsible for planning and coordinating the entire season. This includes producing diplomatic clearances, providing tools and test equipment, spare aircraft components, managing sponsorship agreements and all logistic support. This ensures that both Flt Lt Turnbull and the supporting teams have everything they need to produce the exhilarating displays.

Management Team



The Engineering Team

The Engineering Team consists of specialists in Mechanical Engineering, Avionics and Weapons Systems. These are the technicians you will see working directly on the aircraft at Air Shows.

The Engineering Team is split into three teams, each named after an aircraft type previously flown by 29 Squadron. The teams consist of five technicians, led by a highly experienced and qualified RAF Engineer and contain each of the three aircraft trades which means they are able to prepare the aircraft for each display.

The teams are made up of engineers from 29 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, who are all volunteers and join the team in addition to their normal Squadron duties. Volunteers go through a selection process which ensures that each team have the required engineering authorisations to be able to operate the aircraft from a different location during the season. They are very experienced with the right mix of trade skills to work in these small teams - with specialist skills such as Engine & Structural Health Monitoring to ensure any issues with the Typhoon are swiftly rectified. They will be working long and hard to ensure the Typhoon Display Team deliver #PhoonTime.

Engineers tend to Typhoon wheel.


Engineering Officers

All Typhoon Display Team operations are carried out with the presence of an Engineering Officer, known as EngOs. Our EngOs are responsible for managing the risks of working and flying aircraft. Without EngOs we simply couldn't operate.

Squadron Leader Andrew Power, Warrant Officer Paul Walsingham, Flight Lieutenant Jemima Burgess, Flight Lieutenant Chris Leary, Flight Sergeant Lynsey McCoy, Flight Sergeant Andrew Good, and Flight Sergeant Andrew Singleton are our Engineering Officers for the 2024 Season.


Team Lightning

Team Lightning is led by Cpl Callum McMenemie, ably assisted by Cpl Mark "Pidge" Pidgeon, AS1(T) James "Hutch" Hutchinson, AS1 Leon Anderson and AS1(T) Keating Hoe Pike. Cpl John Thompson and AS1(T) Jack Garner provide GSS support for Team Lightning.

Team Lightning

Team Tornado

Team Tornado is led by Chief Tech Mark Wilson, ably assisted by Cpl Jack Woolgar, AS1(T) Ella Sharp, AS1(T) Euan Davis and AS1(T) William Hitchman. Cpl Gail Musgrove and AS1(T) Oliver Goodrich provide GSS support for Team Tornado

Team Tornado

Team Phantom

Team Phantom is led by Sgt Luke Addicott, ably assisted by Cpl Ben Mastin, AS1(T) Ben Watson, AS1 Lewis Farrell and AS1 Vincent Currums. Cpl Jerome Chipondene and AS1 Harry Hemeter provide GSS support for Team Phantom

Team Phantom

Public Relations

The PR Team are volunteers from 29 Squadron and personnel across RAF Coningsby led by PR Manager Sergeant Gary Oldfield, and Deputy PR Manager Sergeant John Higginson.

Gaz and Higgy between them have over a decade of experience with Typhoon Display Team. Both stepping into their respective managerial positions for the first time this season. They are responsible for organising and managing the PR personnel at all Typhoon Display Events, a role which extends beyond just air show season. Sergeant Oldfield and Sergeant Higginson are two of the five PR team leaders this year, Corporal Reine Grant, Corporal Richard Conley, and Corporal Jamie Platts, will also be leading the PR Teams at shows across the UK, Europe and Canada.

The PR team is comprised of personnel from a wide range of ranks and trades. If you see the Typhoon Display Team tent or trailer at an airshow, head over to chat to our PR Teams, who are excited to share what they know about the Aircraft, the team, and their role within the Royal Air Force.

Ground Support System

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Technicians play a pivotal role in setting up, operating, and maintaining the vital Ground Support System (GSS) essential for continued maintenance of the Typhoon aircraft away from its main operating base. This is achieved by empowering Mechanical, Avionic and Weapons trades with the ICT capability to diagnose the critical engineering data produced by the aircraft's advanced computer systems.

The GSS Team may not always be seen at Air Shows but without their expertise, Flight Lieutenant Turnbull, the Typhoon aircraft and the team would simply not be able to operate across the UK, Europe and Canada in 2024.

This year our GSS personnel are integrated with the Engineering Teams.



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