The 2022 Typhoon Display Team

The Typhoon display circuit is a culmination of months of hard work, detailed preparation and concerted effort by the team behind the display. Whilst it is the pilot who displays the aircraft, 'Adam' cannot even begin to do his job without the unfaltering commitment and backing from the dedicated group of professionals that make up the Typhoon Display Team.

This year’s team from 29 Squadron will comprise a specialist from every aircraft trade along with support and management teams to assist both the pilot and the trades, all of whom work closely together to bring you the dazzling spectacle that is the Typhoon Display.

The team look forward to the unique challenges that a display season brings and the opportunity to showcase the Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft to the general public.

With the future of the Royal Air Force firmly in our sight we look forward to showcasing the mind blowing display of speed, power and agility by Flight Lieutenant Adam O'Hare and his Typhoon aircraft.

The Pilot

Flight Lieutenant Adam O’Hare.

Pilot stands by painted Typhoon.

Flight Lieutenant Adam O’Hare was born and grew up in Northern Ireland. His initial interest in the Royal Air Force came from seeing the numerous aircraft flying from RAF Aldergrove when he was a young boy. This encouraged him to join 2004 (Ballynahinch) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC). Whilst in the ATC he became a Volunteer Gliding Instructor at 664 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) based at Newtownards Airfield flying the Grob 109B Vigilant Motor Glider. During his time in the ATC he was also awarded two flying scholarships which allowed him to gain his Private Pilots Licence before he even had his driving licence.  The opportunities that he was afforded by the ATC and VGS gave him the drive and determination to follow his dream to become a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force.

Adam joined the RAF as a direct entrant after completing his A levels and undertook Initial Officer Training at RAFC Cranwell in 2009 before beginning his flying training. Between training courses, he was able to use his previous qualifications from the ATC to hold as a Gliding Instructor for the RAF Central Gliding School based at RAF Syerston. Once he was awarded his RAF wings post Basic Fast Jet Training, he held with Bristol University Air Squadron on No. 3 Air Experience Flight at Colerne Airfield. After Advanced Fast Jet Training on the Hawk T1 at RAF Valley he was role-disposed to the Typhoon. On competition of the Operational Conversion Unit with 29 Squadron he was posted to the Front Line with 3 (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Coningsby.

On 3 (Fighter) Squadron, Adam qualified as a multi-role pairs lead and participated in numerous overseas deployments. The highlight of his career so far was his operational flying on Operation SHADER. Here he conducted numerous missions over Iraq and Syria, working alongside coalition partners in the fight to defeat the threat posed by Daesh. He has also deployed to the Falkland Islands twice with 1435 Flt at RAF Mount Pleasant and taken part in large exercises such as Exercise Red Flag in Las Vegas USA and Exercise Magic Carpet in Oman.

Adam joined 29 Squadron in January 2021 where he is currently an A2 Instructor. Outside of display flying, he plays an active role on the Squadron teaching the next generation of Typhoon pilots how to fly the jet in a swing-role capacity conducting air to air and air to ground training missions. In addition to his instructional duties, Adam also contributes to RAF Coningsby’s primary task of defending UK sovereign airspace on Quick Reaction Alert.

Away from the RAF, Adam lives with his wife Chelsea, a Paediatric Community Nurse for the NHS, and their new-born baby girl, Sophia. They also have two cats, Khaleesi and Drogo. In his spare time Adam is a keen golfer.


Engineers tend to Typhoon wheel.

The Engineering Team

The display team consists of specialists in Mechanical Engineering, Avionics and Weapons Systems. These are the technicians you will see working directly on the aircraft at Air Shows.

The Engineering Team is split into three teams, each named after an aircraft type previously flown by 29 Squadron. The teams consist of five technicians, led by a SNCO and contain each of the three aircraft trades which means they are able to prepare the aircraft ready for each display.

The teams are made up of Engineers from 29 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, who are all volunteers and join the team in addition to their normal squadron duties. Volunteers go through a selection process which ensures that each team have the required engineering authorisations to be able to operate the aircraft from a different location during the season. They are very experienced with the right mix of trade skills to work in these small teams - with specialist skills such as Engine & Structural Health Monitoring to ensure any issues with the Typhoon are swiftly rectified. They will be working long and hard to ensure the Typhoon Display Team deliver #PhoonTime.

Team Tornado

Team Tornado is led by Sergeant Polly McKinlay, ably assisted by Corporal Luke Addicott, Corporal John Grimmer, Corporal Kain Birch and SAC(T) Harley Dando.

Team Phantom

Team Phantom is led by Sergeant Si Edwards, ably assisted by Corporal Max Baynes, Corporal Adam Barstow, SAC(T) Jordan Harkins and SAC(T) Michael McGinty.

Team Lightning

Team Lightning is led by Sergeant James Snell, ably assisted by Corporal Baz Edgar, Corporal Martin Maddison, SAC(T) Dom O'Hare and SAC(T) Ryan Harris.

Public Relations

The PR Team are volunteers from 29 Squadron and personnel across RAF Coningsby led by PR Manager Sergeant Dave Holmes and his able Deputy Corporal Katey Rowe.

This is Dave's second year as the PR Manager on the team and his role is to manage PR personnel at all Typhoon displays events; a role which goes well beyond just the Air Show season! Dave is assisted by the Digital Media Manager to keep you regularly updated across our media platforms.

Dave's team includes personnel from across a wide range of ranks and trades including Aircraft Technicians, RAF Police, Suppliers, Survival Equipment Fitters, MT Driver's and a member from HR. The process aims to select those with experience from previous years on the PR team along with the introduction a number of fresh faces, to provide a widespread variety of trades, rank and service experience to give a balanced team to carry out their duties and share their stories on RAF life.

These are the people you will see out and about, working hard to promote the Typhoon Display Team and the Royal Air Force at Air Shows across the UK & Europe in 2022.

Ground Support System

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Technicians play a pivotal role in setting up, operating, and maintaining the vital Ground Support System (GSS) essential for continued maintenance of the Typhoon aircraft away from its main operating base. This is achieved by empowering Mechanical, Avionic and Weapons trades with the ICT capability to diagnose the critical engineering data produced by the aircraft's advanced computer systems.

Team of personnel stand in formation with a Typhoon on the airfield.

The GSS Team may not always be seen at Air Shows but without their expertise, Flight Lieutenant O'Hare, the Typhoon aircraft and the team would simply not be able to operate across the UK & Europe in 2022. 

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