84 Sqn from RAF Akrotiri assist Greek Cypriot Government fight fires

A Royal Air Force crew from 84 Squadron based out of RAF Akrotiri assisted the Cypriot Government in controlling a large wild fire northwest of Yermasoyia, Limassol district.

The fire burned over one square kilometre of wild vegetation and was close to residential houses for a number of hours. Involved with tackling the blaze, which included the RAF Griffin helicopter from 84 Squadron, were several other aircraft from numerous agencies as well as assets on the ground from the Forrest Department, Cypriot Police and DFRMO Cyprus (Fire & Rescue Service of British Bases in Cyprus).

Personnel from 84 Sqn and Fire & Rescue Service of British Bases in Cyprus remain on standby throughout the year, ready to assist and prevent any wild fires from destroying homes and land.

The Griffin HAR2 is equipped with night-vision goggles and a FLIR/ TV turret, which affords its crews a relevant night capability. Owing to the hot, arid climate of its Cyprus base, the HAR2 regularly employs its crucial fire fighting capability across the region. Other capabilities include search and rescue.