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Chief of Air Staff VE75 Message

Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Victory in Europe Day, the day marking the end of World War II in Europe. Celebrated by all to commemorate the allied forces, veterans and many who sacrificed for freedom.

As most celebrations are happening to the confinements of our homes the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston has a few words to say. As we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to that generation of heroes, from all backgrounds and many countries, who gave so much to defend the United Kingdom and free Europe in World War II.

Today, the men and women of the Royal Air Force are still there, protecting the United Kingdom.

We are inspired by everyone who served before us, but in this year especially, the generation of heroes who fought for and won our freedom in the Second World War.

We owe you, our veterans, an immense debt of gratitude.  

Chief of Air Staff
Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston