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Finland sees how RAF defends UK airspace

Finnish Air Force delegates visited RAF Boulmer this week to see the state-of-the-art system that the RAF uses to respond to potential threats in or near UK airspace.

The Finnish team, along with a senior officer from Denmark, had a rare insight into 19 Squadron - the RAF’s Control and Reporting Centre. The Control and Reporting Centre is responsible for coordinating the UK’s response to a potential threat such as an unscheduled military aircraft or an unresponsive civilian airliner.

Image shows RAF aviators and civilians standing in discussion with some wearing headsets at desks.

The visit centred around a demonstration of GUARDIAN C2, an Air Command and Control system delivered by IBM that enables timely and accurate decision making for the defence of UK airspace.

Wing Commander Crow hosted the visit.

We were delighted to welcome our Finnish and Danish colleagues and show them the capabilities of GUARDIAN, the UK’s world-leading Air Command and Control System. It reinforced the importance of the UK’s relationship with Joint Expeditionary Force countries, and included productive discussion on the need for wider investment in Air Command and Control.

Wing Commander Crow

Image shows RAF aviators and civilians standing with discussion with others sitting at computer desk.

The RAF uses similar systems and procedures when conducting air policing for NATO, and as members of the Joint Expeditionary Force, made up of 10 northern European countries, the RAF and Finnish Air Force are keen to learn more from each other to help when operating together.

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