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How the Global Enablement Team helped to support the King's Coronation


The Royal Air Force’s No.2 Group Global Enablement Team have been instrumental behind the scenes in all aspects of the Coronation of their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Global Enablement deployed over 500 personnel from across its Forces to enable the successful delivery of the United Kingdom’s largest military ceremonial operation for over 70 years, which took place on Saturday 6th May 2023.

‘It was behind the scenes that many of my specialists from Global Enablement were employed to support the Coronation, I am especially proud of each and every person involved, and of the part they played to enable the event.'

Air Commodore Jamie Thompson
Air Officer Global Enablement

Global Enablement encompasses the Air Security Force, Combat and Readiness Force, Support Force, Medical Operations, 90 Signals Unit and Battlespace Management Operations, generating and operating the enabling capabilities required by Defence for Global Operations.

  • Reservists from the Air Security Force were mobilised to bolster the Station Police and Security Flights.
  • Air Security Force deployed RAF Police to work with the Metropolitan and British Transport Police to provide specialist security capabilities, such as Behaviour Detection Officers and Counter Intelligence Field Teams, to identify any potential security threats across London and other areas.
  • RAF Regiment teams from the Combat & Readiness Force were deployed to provided vital protection to key infrastructure and airbases against the potential threat posed by the possible malicious use of drones.
  • Battlespace Management Operators provided Air Traffic Management for the Flypast, while also providing command and control for the RAF’s Quick Reaction Alert capability.
  • In the Cyber domain, 90 Signals Unit protected our networks and communications for any vulnerability.
  • Over 50 RAF specialist drivers from Support Force deployed to London to assist in the transportation of military personnel.
  • The RAF’s High Readiness Medical Operations Team ensured that RAF Medical personnel were available to provide specialist support as part of the integrated Defence Medical Team across the Capital.