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InsideAIR Episode 15 - Helicopter Pilot Training and Earning Those Wings

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InsideAIR Episode 15 - Helicopter Pilot Training and Earning Those Wings

What does it take to earn your pilot’s wings?

Learning to fly a helicopter is notoriously challenging.  In this episode of InsideAIR, correspondent Flight Sergeant Gemma Bibby explores Helicopter Pilot Training and what is takes to earn those pilot wings.  Listen to her talk with one of the RAF’s most recent graduates from No. 1 Flying Training School at RAF Shawbury below.  

Juno HT1 Helicopters.
Juno HT1 Helicopters used for training by the RAF. 

"I think it was Da Vinci who said that those who have tasted flight will forever spend their days with their eyes cast skyward longing to return.  Which for a man who never flew I think is quite prophetic, but I think it's true."

Recent graduate from No. 1 Flying Training School, RAF Shawbury 

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