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InsideAIR Episode 18 - RAF elite and high-performing Athletes

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In Episode 18 of InsideAIR, we explore the RAFs elite and high-performing Athletes.

The RAF encourages all its people to get involved in sport.  If you are good enough to compete at the highest level, then you could receive a package of support to help make you a champion. 

Dirt Rally team member in kit and carrying helmet.

After the incredible success of Team Great Britain at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, in which some of our own personnel competed in, we take the opportunity to speak to some of the sportsmen and women who are part of the RAF’s Elite Athlete Scheme.

Rugby players in kit.

Correspondent Flight Lieutenant Chris Sully meets some of the RAF’s Elite and High Performance Athletes; from Triathlons to Para Alpine Skiing, hear how service personnel manage their military careers alongside intensive training programmes; hear about how they first discovered their sports, what training and competition is like, and how they reached elite athlete status.  

Triathalon runner wearing sunglasses.

With the right mindset and professional support, anything is possible.

You can listen to more episodes of the InsideAIR podcast on the RAF Website or from the official RAF Youtube channel.