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InsideAIR Episode 20 - Military Working Dogs

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In Episode 20 of InsideAIR, we take a look at Military Working Dogs

RAF’s Military Working Dogs play a vital role supporting RAF Police Handlers in patrolling, arms and explosives searching, drug detection, and police work. 

Military working dog leaps out of RAF Police car.

In this episode RAF Police Handlers reveal the lives and careers of their dogs; how they are acquired, trained, deployed, and cared for.  Senior Aircraftwoman Kirwan takes you behind the scenes at the Defence Animal Training Regiment in Melton Mowbray where RAF Police Dogs are trained and prepared to deploy on operations.

RAF Police walks dog, with other personnel in high vis and coaches in background.

Why do dog's super senses make them one of the RAF’s most valuable Force Protection assets unrivalled by the most advanced technology. 

You can listen to more episodes of the InsideAIR podcast on the RAF Website or from the official RAF Youtube channel.

Over the next two weeks there will be Military Working Dog Trials ongoing across several RAF Stations.  Winners to be announced soon...