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InsideAIR Episode 22: Gripping mobile tech with Appivate

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In Episode 22 of InsideAIR gets to grips with mobile tech.

Using mobile apps is part of everyday life for most people, but technology experts believe we have only scratched the surface of app capability. 

Personnel sit on stools in an aircraft hangar, with interviewer.
Technical Lead, IOS Developer, and Android Developer being interviewed for the Podcast.

One of the most popular topics at the recent Astra Technology Exposure Day delved into how mobile technologies will revolutionise workflows.

Developer sits at desk working on computer.

This episode explores what the Appivate team do, focussing on the professional, rapid and agile delivery of mobile applications for the RAF. 

How does the RAF exploit the hidden powers of the smartphone?  Listen to InsideAIR podcast to find out.