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InsideAIR Episode 49: RAF Police blueprint for success

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InsideAIR Episode 49 investigates the blueprint for success with RAF Police

The RAF Police's Project BLUEPRINT is an innovative Astra app using mobile technology to help RAF Police rapidly respond to any situation, streamline admin processes, go paperless and help secure better outcomes for victims of crime.

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Image shows RAF Police Officers at a improvised crime scene setting out cones and using tablet technology.

The new app allows data to be stored securely and made easily accessible. This will improve the way RAF Police operate, including their response times, administrative processes, the outcomes for victims of crime and collecting evidence in Crime Scene Investigation.

Image shows RAF Police Officers at a table using tablet technology.

The initiative is helping shape the Next Generation RAF, it challenges people to think differently and drive the future success of the RAF. InsideAIR found out how Blueprint works and the difference it is making.

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Image shows RAF Police Officer holding a digital tablet with another officer and dog.

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