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New Channel 4 documentary Top Guns: Inside the RAF takes viewers behind-the-wire at RAF Lossiemouth

Channel 4 is set to take audiences on an exhilarating journey into the skies with its latest observational documentary, Top Guns: Inside the RAF.

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The captivating six-part series, which showcases RAF Lossiemouth’s crucial role in safeguarding the UK’s airspace and seas, is scheduled to air on Channel 4 on Monday 21st August at 9pm and will be a must-watch for aviation enthusiasts and those intrigued by the nation's defence capabilities.

2 typhoon aircraft in the sky
Typhoon FGR4

"It has been huge effort over the last 11 months to make this documentary series and I want to extend a huge thanks to all those who have played their part. I am really proud of their achievements with this series, which celebrates the whole team here at RAF Lossiemouth.

The documentary not only showcases the teamwork, skills and commitment of everyone within Team Lossie but it also shines a public light on the critical role they play in protecting our nation – in the air, over the sea and on land – at home and abroad."

Group Captain Jim Lee
Station Commander, RAF Lossiemouth

Top Guns: Inside the RAF provides an unprecedented glimpse into the day-to-day UK and global operations at one of the Royal Air Force’s busiest stations. Following Team Lossie personnel as they deploy to Estonia on Operation Azotize and RAF Akrotiri on Operation Shader, the series goes beyond the awe-inspiring aerial manoeuvres and state-of-the-art technology, delving into the collaborative efforts of the Royal Air Force with its allies and partners.

Poseidon aircraft on runway
Poseidon MRA1

As the world grapples with an uncertain geopolitical landscape, the documentary underscores the Royal Air Force's commitment to protecting the people, territories, values, and interests of the United Kingdom, both domestically and internationally.

Typhoon aircraft in the sky, landing gear ready

Don't miss this opportunity to witness first-hand the unwavering commitment of the Royal Air Force to defending the skies, securing the seas, and ensuring the security of the United Kingdom.

Poseidon aircraft in the sky over the sea

Episode one of Top Guns: Inside the RAF airs on Channel 4 on Monday 21 August at 9pm.