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New memorial unveiled for 3 (Fighter) Squadron

On 12 May, current RAF personnel joined with members of 3 (Fighter) Squadron Association  to attend an unveiling and dedication ceremony for a new Squadron memorial at the National Arboretum.

The memorial to the oldest ‘heavier-than-air’ squadron in the RAF was unveiled by the Honorary Life President of the Association, Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns, along with its Chairman, Mr Phil Ward.


Air Vice-Marshal ‘Cab’ Townsend, one of several former Squadron commanding officers at the event and the Honorary President of the Association spoke about how the magnificent memorial is a celebration of the history of this fine squadron, almost exactly 111 years after it was formed. It is also a fitting tribute to those of our comrades who lost their lives in its service. 

‘I would like to thank BAE Systems, The Worshipful Company of Pewterers, and the RAF Historical Society, who along with our association members have allowed us to create and install this stunning memorial to our squadron.  I also want to pay tribute to those association members who are no longer with us, they also helped this richly deserved project to come to fruition.'

Mr Phil Ward

Wing Commander Buchler, the current Squadron OC explains how the Squadron has an extremely proud heritage, beginning before the RAF itself was formed, through both World Wars, and to the campaigns and events of the more recent past.

'This memorial is a reminder of the courage and faithful service demonstrated by our comrades in the past, an exemplar to myself and my squadron in the present, and an inspiration to those who will succeed us in the future'
 “The Third shall be First!"

Wing Commander Buchler
3(F) Squadron OC