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New RAF Deputy Commander Capability appointed

Richards official portrait

Air Marshal Sir Rich Knighton has been appointed as the new Deputy Commander Capability and Air Member for Personnel and Capability.

"I am delighted to be back at Air Command and proud to be appointed as the new DCOM Cap... I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and hearing your thoughts over the coming months.  And I am looking forward to delivering the Next Generation Air Force with you."

Air Marshal Sir Rich Knighton
Deputy Commander Capability and Air Member for Personnel and Capability

Sir Rich Knighton joined the RAF in 1988, as an Engineer Officer on Nimrod and Tornado F3 aircraft and working with the Harrier Force.  His other career highlights include:

  • 2004 - became Military Assistant to Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Equipment Capability)
  • 2007 - promoted to Group Captain and became Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Strategy and Plans at Air Command at RAF High Wycombe
  • 2009 - became Logistics Force Commander Station Commander at RAF Wittering
  • 2011 - promoted to Air Commodore and became Head of Finance and Military Capability (Air)
  • 2014 - set up and led the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Programme
  • 2015 - promoted to Air Vice-Marshal and appointed as the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff
  • 2017 - became Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Capability and Force Design)
  • 2019 - promoted to Air Marshal and appointed Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Military Capability)
  • 2022 - became Deputy Commander for Capability and People

Now, as the new Deputy Commander Capability, Sir Rich Knighton will be responsible for delivering the RAF Strategy through people, equipment, digital, training, infrastructure and support to ensure the Service can deliver air and space power for the nation and project power and influence around the world.  He will also help to plan for the Next Generation Air Force and ongoing support to future outputs, by prioritising projects and setting long-term infrastructural and training programmes. 

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