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New Years Honours List 2023

The following Royal Air Force personnel are recognised in the New Years Honours List 2023 (Military):

Appointments to the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

As Companions (CB)

Air Vice-Marshal C.D. Da’Silva

Air Vice-Marshal I.F. Vallely OBE

Appointments to and Promotions in the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Commanders (CBE)

Air Commodore N.J. Hay OBE

Air Commodore J.H. Hunter

Group Captain (now Air Commodore) S.P. Kilvington

As Officers (OBE)

Group Captain N.J. Critchley

Group Captain P.M. Saul

Group Captain D.P. Snape

The Reverend (Wing Commander) I. Brown

Wing Commander S.C. Byford

Wing Commander (now Group Captain) L.A. Henton

Wing Commander A.P. Hobson

As Members (MBE)

Squadron Leader N.M. Brook

Squadron Leader A.H. Dowds

Squadron Leader S.E. Mackinnon (née Brind)

Squadron Leader M.H. Singleton

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) T.A. Stone

Flight Lieutenant C.L. Dooley

Flight Lieutenant L.K. Perry

Warrant Officer D.R. Betts

Warrant Officer M. Macdonald

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Master Aircrew) M. Bailey

Flight Sergeant (now acting Warrant Officer) F.J. Phillips

Flight Sergeant J.D. Stewart

Corporal (now acting Sergeant) C. A. Houghton

As Member of the Royal Red Cross, First Class (RRC)

Group Captain E.L. Redman

As Ordinary Associates of the Royal Red Cross, Second Class (ARRC)

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) G.M. Percival

Squadron Leader S.M. Wheeler 

The King’s Volunteer Reserve Medal (KVRM)

Squadron Leader M.B. O’Neill

Promotions in and Appointment to the Civilian Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Members (MBE)

Mr R. Clarkson

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Further Awards and Commendations

Meritorious Service Medal

Warrant Officer P.A. Bedson

Warrant Officer L. Calvert

Warrant Officer K. Charlton

Warrant Officer J. Devlin

Warrant Officer J.I. Dick

Warrant Officer M.W. Elsbury

Master aircrew C.S. Fairbrother

Master aircrew D.M. Gall

Warrant Officer S.L. Hammond

Warrant Officer M.L. Heaton

Warrant Officer T.A. Hennells

Warrant Officer M.L. Henriques

Warrant Officer I.M. Jenkins

Warrant Officer L.A. Lawrence

Warrant Officer G.P. Longley

Master aircrew S. Macdonald

Warrant Officer N.A. Mackie

Warrant Officer S.G. Peers

Warrant Officer G. Scott

Warrant Officer D.P. Screeton

Warrant Officer N.M. Thomas

Master aircrew S.J. Tomlinson

Warrant Officer J. Tomlinson-Smale

Warrant Officer P.M. Uglow

Staff Sergeant T.J. Bartlett

Flight Sergeant A.J. Fairlamb

Flight Sergeant G. Mulholland

Flight Sergeant L. Ramm

Chief of the Air Staff Commendations

Lieutenant Colonel M. Brown (US Air Force)

Wing Commander A. Gilroy

Wing Commander J.R. Henderson

Squadron Leader (now Acting/Wing Commander) D. McGinley

Squadron Leader N.D. Barley

Squadron Leader K.D.T. Fordham

Flight Lieutenant (now Acting/Squadron Leader) S.S. Bracewell

Flight Lieutenant H.J. Horsman

Warrant Officer M. Rodgers

Warrant Officer D.R. Shaw

Acting/Flight Sergeant A.W.D. Fleming

Air Specialist 1 S. Mueaybut

Team Commendations

  • 90 Signals Unit Cyber Threat Risk Analyser Team
  • Fixed Wing CSAT Recapitalisation Programme
  • RAF Cosford Airshow Delivery Team
  • Number XXIV Squadron Atlas Tactical Development Flight
  • 51 Squadron and L3 Harris Engineering Team

Deputy Commander Capability and Personnel Commendations

Wing Commander C.A. Bostrom

Squadron Leader A.I. Clarkson

Squadron Leader E.J. Duckett

Squadron Leader R.S. Keen

Squadron Leader G.G. Kennedy

Flight Lieutenant (now Squadron Leader) S.K. Preston

Warrant Officer N.D. Richards

Warrant Officer M.R. Wilkinson

Chief Technician A.L. Ingham

Chief Technician J.S. Old

Dr T .J. Burrows

Ms C. Collins

Team Commendations

  • Qatar Typhoon Programme Team
  • Air Command Secretariat
  • RAF Human Resources Welfare Competency Working Group

Deputy Commander Operations Commendations

Wing Commander S. Larry

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) R. Kerr

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) D.I. Metcalfe

Squadron Leader T.B. Barnes

Squadron Leader T.C.E. Dean

Lieutenant Commander W.R. Hooper (Royal Navy)

Squadron Leader D.N. Middleton

Squadron Leader A.C. Smart

Squadron Leader M.G. Stachon

Squadron Leader R.D. Waller

Flight Lieutenant D.W.T. Brown

Flight Lieutenant R.J. Egan

Captain D. Getty US Space Force

Flight Lieutenant B.A. Hiscox

Flight Lieutenant R.D.K. Manson

Flight Lieutenant C.A. Stewart

Warrant Officer P .S. Floyd

Warrant Officer C.J. Headley

Warrant Officer 1 M. Steane

Acting Flight Sergeant J.M.A. Edwards

Chief Petty Officer W. Upton (Royal Navy)

Sergeant B.K. Bell

Corporal T.W. Daft

Corporal S.A. Marshall

Corporal L.R. Wisdom

Air Specialist 1 (Technician) W.G. Whittle

Mr T.P. Burlison

Mrs H. Garcia

Mrs N. Gasan

Mrs N. MacNeil

Team Commendations

  • The Air & Space Intelligence Centre
  • 3(F) Squadron Operation BILOXI Engineering Team
  • 20 Squadron Synthetic Training Section
  • High Altitude Parachuting Ballistic App Team
  • Voyager MPA Engine Change Team
  • Whole Force Award – BAE146 OSD
  • RAF College Combined Parade Drill Instructors
  • Logistics Operations Royal Air Force Coningsby
  • RAF Halton Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Team
  • Number 8 Squadron

Air Officer Commanding No 1 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader (now Acting/Wing Commander) P.E. Harrild

Squadron Leader D.C. Baptie

Squadron Leader A.G. Monro

Squadron Leader P.T. Surtees

Squadron Leader M.A. Wild

Flight Lieutenant P. Dawe

Flight Lieutenant J.A.W. Fairman

Flight Lieutenant H.A. Holt

Flight Lieutenant M.S. Hudson

Flight Lieutenant S.P.W. Iwanek

Flight Lieutenant J.P. Sainty

Master aircrew C.M. Walton

Flight Sergeant (now Acting/Master aircrew) R.A. Forwood

Flight Sergeant J.R. Blenkinsop

Flight Sergeant C.A. Smith

Flight Sergeant D.M. Wythe

Chief Technician E.D. Meacham

Sergeant T.M. Bignell

Sergeant D.A. Greene

Sergeant I.S. Mark

Sergeant J.W. Wright

Sergeant D.L. Scurr

Corporal (now Acting/Sergeant  D.J. Cooper

Corporal M.A. Aitken

Corporal A.D. Moyes

Air Specialist 1 (now Acting/Corporal) C.J. Smith

Air Specialist 1 (Technician) G.R. Whitchurch

Air Specialist 1 J.L. Clegg

Mr S. Walker

Team Commendations

  • Trials Modifications Team, 41 Squadron
  • 56 Squadron Aerospace Battle Management Command and Control Systems Team
  • Engineering Operations Flight, RAF Coningsby
  • RAF Coningsby Force Protection Training Flight
  • Primary Equipment Pack Management Cell, RAF Coningsby
  • Typhoon & BBMF Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation & Tiger Team
  • Royal Air Force Leeming Logistics Support Squadron
  • Leuchars Diversion Airfield
  • RAF Marham Grafton Club Committee
  • Exercise EMERGING LYNX Delivery Team

Air Officer Commanding No 2 Group Commendations

Flight Lieutenant L.D. Foreman

Flight Lieutenant R.E. Reffell

Flight Lieutenant H.J. Robinson

Flight Lieutenant A.E. Roche

Flight Lieutenant A.C. Shelton

Flight Lieutenant B.A. Slaughter

Flight Lieutenant S.R. Swart

Flying Officer (now Flight Lieutenant) I.J. Cooke

Flying Officer (now Acting/Flight Lieutenant) E.M. Knight

Warrant Officer J.P. Inns

Flight Sergeant J.M. Burt-Matthews

Flight Sergeant M.S. Clark

Flight Sergeant N.A. Jarrett

Sergeant (now Acting/Flight Sergeant) N.J. Tait

Sergeant C.E. Beaver

Sergeant S. Kaul

Sergeant P.W. Mountcastle

Sergeant C.J. Quinn

Sergeant A.L. Riddell

Corporal (now Acting/Sergeant) D.M. Adie

Corporal (now Acting/Sergeant) M.S. Orwin

Corporal T.H. Phillips

Air Specialist 1 G.J. Darkins

Mr R. Coelho

Mr P. Jackson

Ms P. Nash

Miss J. Owen

Team Commendations

  • 90 Signals Unit Coalition Hub Team
  • Forward Stores Flight – Future Aircrew Clothing Systems
  • Airborne Delivery Wing Instructor Training Flight
  • MAB Delivery Squadron
  • Number 99 Squadron Air Loadmasters
  • RAF Regiment Recruitment and Selection Flight (RRRSF)
  • Air Movements Coordination Centre
  • 1 Air Mobility Wing: Assurance, Standards and Governance Flight
  • Mental Health Flight, Aeromed Squadron, Tactical Medical Wing
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flypast Air Traffic Control Planning Team

Air Officer Commanding No 11 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader E.J. Adlington

Sergeant O.T.J. Blackburn

Mr M. Sinha

Team Commendations

  • 140 Expeditionary Air Wing – Information Effects Team
  • Op PLATINUM Planning and Delivery Team

Air Officer Commanding No 22 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader C.T. Blake

Squadron Leader P.E. Dodds

Reverend (Squadron Leader) M.R. Hall

Major C.L. Kelly

Squadron Leader C.L.D. Moore

Squadron Leader C.P. Timbrell

Flight Lieutenant E.T. Burns

Lieutenant D. Chowdhury (Royal Navy)

Captain L.D.R. Crate

Flight Lieutenant M.A. Harbon

Flight Lieutenant C.R. Marshall

Warrant Officer M.S. Dickson

Warrant Officer P.A. Barnard

Flight Sergeant (now Acting/Master aircrew) M.G. Lingham

Warrant Officer 2 N.J. Coe

Staff Sergeant (now Warrant Officer 2) J. Wilson

Flight Sergeant A.C. Flanders

Flight Sergeant C.K. Morgan

Flight Sergeant T.R. Morton

Staff Sergeant J. Rai

Flight Sergeant P.A. Satterthwaite

Acting/Flight Sergeant (now Chief Technician) G. Hull

Staff Sergeant K.G. Smith-Roberts

Sergeant (now Staff Sergeant) A.S. Madden

Sergeant K M.A. Drake

Sergeant S.D. Lant

Sergeant R.J. O’Neil

Sergeant J.R. Smart

Corporal P.B. Croucher

Corporal S. Green

Air Specialist 1 E. Muir

Ms R. Pritchard

Mr J. Riddell

Mr L. Seth

Mr G. Booth

Captain R. Taylor

Team Commendations

  • Military Skills Training Squadron, RAFC Cranwell
  • Robson Academy of Resilience Eagles Coord Team
  • Contract Management Team – RAF Cosford
  • Secure Communications Syndicate, Cyber Security Flight, No 1 Radio School
  • No4 School of Technical Training Course Design Team
  • Mercury Training Team
  • Physical Education Section, MOD St Athan
  • Air and Space Operations Training Squadron Trade Group 7 Course Design Team
  • RAF St Mawgan Environmental Action Group
  • RAF Valley Air Training Corps ASOS Training Team
  • RAFAC Historic Safeguarding Cases Review Team
  • Influence Team

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Plans) Commendations

Corporal L.S. Blair

Air Specialist 1 (Technician) A. Beck

Team Commendation

  • VIP Driver Team

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Strategy) Commendations

Flight Lieutenant C.D. Warr

Mrs L. Tomlinson

Chief of Staff (Capability) Commendations

Squadron Leader M. Bradley

Mrs A. Collins

Team Commendations

  • Air Capability Delivery Maritime Patrol Aircraft Programme Team
  • Air Information Experimentation Laboratory

Chief of Staff (Personnel) and Air Secretary Commendations

Flight Sergeant G.E. Martin

Flight Sergeant P.T. Waterson

Corporal L.C. Taylor

Ms S. Parker

Team Commendation

  • RAF Career Management Support StanEval Team

Chief of Staff (Support) Commendations

Flight Lieutenant R.J. Cornford

Flight Lieutenant A.F. Webb

RAF Chief Digital Information Officer's Commendation

Sergeant P.R. Compton

Commander United Kingdom Space Command Commendations

Mr D. Flett

Mr A.W. Macrae

Mrs S.L. Newton

Director Legal Services (RAF) Commendation

Team Commendation

  • RAFLS Operations Law Team

Air Director of Resources Commendations

Team Commendations

  • Business Support Team (BST)
  • Chief of Staff Capabilities FBP Team

Vice Chief of Defence Staff Commendations

Wing Commander T.R. Cade

Wing Commander V.A. Jackson

Squadron Leader A.D. Scott

Squadron Leader J.E. Tenniswood

Flight Lieutenant M.D. Brain

Flight Lieutenant G.H. Davies

Sergeant P.G. Berry MBE

Commander United Kingdom Strategic Command Commendations

Group Captain P. Wilkins

Wing Commander A.M. Eccleston

Squadron Leader P.A. Joyce

Squadron Leader J.S. Woolsey

Sergeant C.L. Robertson

Air Specialist 1 J.L. Whelan

Chief of Joint Operations Commendations

Wing Commander T.R. Lowing

Squadron Leader C.J. Greensides

Commander Field Army Commendation

Flight Lieutenant (now Acting/Squadron Leader) M.J. Pickford

Commander Joint Helicopter Command Commendations

Squadron Leader S.A.M. Bennett

Flight Lieutenant L.M. Cushen

Flight Lieutenant S. Taylor

Flight Sergeant E L.J. Bailey

Chief Technician R.W.J. Grace

Chief Technician S. Williamson

Sergeant (now Acting/Flight Sergeant) P.K. Wolstanholme

Sergeant R.L. Kay