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RAF Air Combat Power Visit highlights RAF contribution to Integrated Force 2030 vision

UK and international students participating in the Advanced Command and Staff Course at the Defence Academy of the UK visited RAF Brize Norton for the second of this year’s Air Combat Power Visits.

Image shows Typhoon taking off.

Multi Domain Integration is the theme for this Air Combat Power Visit attended by army, navy and air force students on the Advanced Staff & Command Course (ACSC) at the Defence Academy of the UK.

Image shows Typhoon in the hangar by RAF aviator presenting on a stage.

Focus has been on how the RAF delivers Air and Space operations, demonstrating interoperability between the Services and highlighting capability success stories.

Image shows RAF Police with military working dog greeting civilian.

In his opening address, RAF Deputy Commander of Operations, Air Marshal Harvey Smyth CB OBE DFC RAF outlined new ways of working to meet the many and varied operational challenges facing the UK Joint Force.

The Royal Air Force is embracing the concept of Agile Combat Employment, which allows us to deploy rapidly around the globe in support of UK and Allied interests.

Air Marshal Harvey Smyth
RAF Deputy Commander of Operations

Image shows RAF Globemaster on the airfield.

Agile Combat Employment is a concept of operations that enhances the RAF’s resilience and flexibility through the exploitation of agile and adaptable basing. It transcends the air domain and may be applied across the Joint Force.

Image shows RAF Poseidon on the airfield with RAF aviators, refuelling tanks, and spills kit.

As they moved around the stands on show, participants were briefed by Subject Matter Experts on the various domains in which the RAF operates, and in which the Agile Combat Employment concept is being employed, including:

  • F35B Lightning and the Carrier Strike Group
  • P8 Poseidon and the Maritime Operations Centre
  • Rotary Wing and Joint Helicopter Command
  • UK Air Support Operations Squadron
  • Space integration

Image shows aircraft in flight.

The Advanced Staff & Command Course prepares military and non-military students with a defence, national security or international relations for more senior appointments. The year-long course seeks to develop an intellectual appreciation of the major issues facing defence in the political, international, financial and multi-domain contexts and the confidence to question and offer original thought.

Image shows RAF aviators inside a hangar with stationary aircraft.

This will foster an enduring capacity of future senior UK and allied leaders to make or support timely, logical and sound decisions in a demanding environment.

Image shows RAF aviators walking across the airfield away from the Globemaster and cargo crates