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RAF complete live fire exercise with the Royal Navy and US on Navy warship

Image shows RAF Typhoon and pilot in sunset.

Aircraft from 41 Test and Evaluation Squadron based at RAF Coningsby conducted a long-planned live fire exercise with the Royal Navy, and United States counterparts on a decommissioned United States Navy warship.


Three RAF Typhoon jets, HMS Westminster, a Wildcat helicopter, a United States P-8 Poseidon, F-15Es Strike Eagles and USS Arleigh Burke used an array of high-powered weaponry for simulated attacks on the decommissioned frigate, USS Boone.

The Typhoon jets launched Paveway IV precision-guided munitions with support from a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter, which used its laser targeting pod to highlight the exact impact point.

Image shows RAF Pilots with Typhoon on the airfield.

Extensive preparations took place over many months beforehand to ensure the exercise was conducted in a safe and environmentally compliant manner, including the removal of toxic materials and pollutants from the US ship before she was able to be used as a target in this way.

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