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RAF Lossiemouth trains Nigerian troops for Boko Harem fight

Scots-based RAF personnel are preparing the Nigerian Air Force Regiment and Air Police in Force Protection for their fight against Boko Harem in Nigeria.

RAF Lossiemouth-based 5 Force Protection Wing (5 FP) are delivering a six-week training package to the Nigerian troops at Kaduna Airbase before they deploy to North East Nigeria to join the fight against Boko Haram.

“It’s good to compare their ability at the start of the day with the end of the day. Seeing progress is always really rewarding.”

SAC Sam Walton

The Nigerian Government requested this bespoke Air Force Protection support following Boko Harem attacks on their air bases.

The Lossiemouth team are delivering intensive courses in force protection, counterintelligence, special investigations, military working dogs, tactical intelligence, officer training and close quarter battle.

The 5 FP Wg deployment is part of the wider ongoing programme of UK Defence Engagement with the Nigerian Government.

5 FP arrived in Nigeria for Heat Acclimatisation Training last week and have begun delivering training in temperatures reaching 38 degrees centigrade with humidity always above 65%.

“The training is exhausting but very interesting. We have never worked such long days.” He added, “My favourite part of the day is the Flight competitions. They boost morale and revise the day’s training.”

Aircraftman CJ Iwu
Nigerian Air Force