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RAF Regiment Gunners to row 3200 miles across the Atlantic Ocean

On 3rd January 2024, Sergeant Angus, Sergeant Martin, Corporal Binns and Corporal Wallace of the RAF Regiment set off on a crossing that will see them row 3200 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Rocks team standing and smiling at the camera.

Starting in Lanzarote and with the finish line in Antigua, the team is pushing the boundaries of what is physically and mentally possible to raise money for 5 charities close to their hearts.

Black and white photo of the crew on the boat in the ocean.

Having already spent 30 days at sea battling thunder, lightning and waves that can reach up to 60ft high, the team is estimated to still be 10–20 days away from completing the challenge that has put their physical fitness and mental resilience to the ultimate test.

First person photo taken from in the boat of the crew rowing.

The team’s Regiment training has been crucial in their endurance. Corporal Binns worked alongside the SBS and SAS on operational deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The reason for taking part in the Atlantic Dash, is to push my body to boundaries it’s never been through before. There’s no turning back once we set off, failure is not an option.  This will test my mental and physical capabilities to some very dark places and one which I will tackle through adversity. I work better when I'm part of a team, and with my experience having lead RAF personnel on operations, I intend to use that knowledge to get the best out of our crew and make sure we are all working together.”"

Corporal Binns

The team has already encountered significant obstacles during their journey, demonstrating remarkable adaptability. One such hurdle involved the loss of power from their reserve generators, forcing the team to hand-steer and manually navigate during daylight hours to conserve solar energy. This approach allowed them to still use digital navigation systems at night, powered by solar energy accumulated during the day.

Rowing boat in the ocean.

Despite adverse stormy weather conditions impeding their progress, as of January 30, 2024, the team has already rowed an impressive 1228 nautical miles (equivalent to 1413 regular miles).

Crew on board the boat.

To track their remarkable journey and learn more about the charities they are supporting visit: