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RAF100 debate in Parliament pays tribute to men and women of the RAF

Last night, in the house of commons, MPs joined Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson in paying tribute to the men and women of the RAF who have served during its 100-year history.


Some key quotes from MPs during the debate highlighted the key role that the Royal Air Force has to protect our nation.

"RAF100 was never meant to be a celebration by the Royal Air Force for the Royal Air Force. It was meant to be a celebration for all people of all generations and all walks of life, reaching not only across the United Kingdom but right across the world, because it is truly a global service. RAF100 was meant to be a celebration of what the British people are capable of and a powerful reminder of what we can still achieve tomorrow. In that, it has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of those who created the RAF 100 years ago. As we look to spread our wings and become a truly global Britain, it has inspired our nation to soar to ever greater heights."

Gavin Williamson
Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom




"There has been a very long-standing relationship between the RAF and industrial partners. It has been encouraging to see the excellent work done for the RAF100 programme, through partnerships with industry and educational establishments, to promote the importance of STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering and maths—with children and young people and to inspire them to consider careers in this sector. It is particularly important that we make young women, as well as young men, aware of these opportunities."

Nia Griffith
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

To read the full debate on Hansard click here.