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Royal Air Force Aerobatics team - unacceptable behaviours statement

Following allegations from individuals within the RAF Aerobatics Team (The Red Arrows), an Inquiry was initiated that revealed a broad range of unacceptable behaviours.

The RAF Police Special Investigations Branch investigated specific allegations and whilst there were no criminal cases to be answered, we continue to look into the circumstances that led to the inquiry. To date, several RAF personnel have been investigated under the RAF’s Major Administrative Action Procedures. These investigations have resulted in a range of outcomes up to and including dismissals from the RAF.

The inquiry recommended a variety of measures to improve behaviours and culture on the unit.  Many of these recommendations have already been implemented and all are being pursued as a priority. They included actions to improve understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable and how to stop unacceptable behaviours. The whole team has received extensive training on unacceptable behaviours and ‘Walk on By’ cultures.  Additional training on unacceptable behaviours has also recently been implemented across the Royal Air Force.

The RAF commends the actions of all those who came forward to provide the inquiry and subsequent investigations with their evidence. It is important for unacceptable behaviour to be called out and reported wherever and whenever it is encountered. We take all allegations of unacceptable behaviour extremely seriously and will continue to take decisive action against anyone who fails to uphold our high standards, in accordance with the Ministry of Defence’s Zero Tolerance Policy.