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The RAF's capstone tactical training event Exercise Cobra Warrior ends

Image shows RAF Regiment with rifles kneeling by an Atlas aircraft on the airfield.

Exercise Cobra Warrior, the RAF’s capstone tactical training event has today drawn to a close.


The Exercise, which ran for the last 3 weeks, has allowed members of the United States Air Force, Italian and German Air Forces and NATO to work alongside their RAF counterparts to undertake multiple training missions with various objectives. In turn providing a valuable opportunity to develop joint tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Image shows RAF personnel looking out of building with heavy machine gun and rifles..

There were a number of ‘firsts’ undertaken this year, predominantly optimising Air-Land integration. The Tactical Air-Land and Rapid Air-Land operation of the Atlas A400M, which included UK airborne forces from 16 Brigade (British Army) and precision strike teams for the first time, allowed personnel to find and fix enemy threats on the ground prior to air assets neutralising air defence capabilities all of which led to capture of an enemy target.

Image shows RAF personnel kneeling in field with binoculars.

In another first UK Joint Personnel Recovery Teams, utilising 51 Squadron RAF Regiment and rotary assets from Joint Helicopter Command operated with United States Air Force 56th Rescue Squadron combat search and rescue teams to retrieve stranded personnel. All of which took place whilst combat air elements, which included United States Air Force F-16’s, Italian Eurofighters, German Tornados and RAF Typhoons, provided the required air support.

Image shows RAF personnel looking out from loading bay of helicopter as it flies.

Cobra Warrior training serials were developed and delivered by 92 Squadron based out of RAF Waddington.

I am incredibly proud of what 92 Squadron has delivered over the last 3 weeks. This level of training is of great importance in generating credible and capable Air and Space Power and has enabled interoperability across a number of Air and Land assets, Frontline Squadrons, as well as allied and partner nations. This Exercise has set a strong foundation on which we will build during 2023, where we will again look to ‘push the envelope’ with our training scenarios to set our participants an even more realistic, immersive and challenging environment as part of our collective training vision.

Wing Commander Abbott
92 Squadron Commanding Officer

Image shows RAF personnel standing by the loading bay of Atlas aircraft.

The opportunity to train alongside Allies is invaluable to us. Understanding each other, how we plan, how we operate, across a multitude of different scenarios is key to maximising our potential. Training Exercises such as Cobra Warrior present a fantastic opportunity and this iteration has been no different. We will take away many important lessons that will ensure we are as prepared as possible for whatever the future may hold.

Group Captain Burton
Cobra Warrior Exercise Director

Image shows RAF personnel walling with rifles, with helicopter behind.

This is one of the best exercises, not just in Europe, but in the world. It’s an opportunity to integrate with partner nations just to be ready and so we know each other in the best way possible.

Major Setini
Eurofighter Detachment Leader

Image shows RAF personnel with face paint and rifles, sitting inside aircraft carrier.

Image shows RAF Typhoon on the runway.





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Image shows RAF personnel with rifles, moving in prone on an airfield.