UK Armed Forces aircraft take part in final rehearsal before Queen's Platinum Jubilee Flypast

Aircraft in flight over Buckingham Palace.
The Armed Forces practise for the Platinum Jubilee Flypast taking place from College Hall at 13:00BST, on Thursday 2 June 2022. 

Aircraft from across the UK Armed Forces soared over RAF College Cranwell today in a rehearsal for the Platinum Jubilee Flypast over Buckingham Palace on Thursday 2 June 2022.

Aircraft in flight over Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Air Force, British Army and Royal Navy were all represented in the 22 aircraft that took to the skies to practice the formations which will form part of the Queen’s Birthday Parade celebrations next week.  The full flypast will see 70 aircraft, including the iconic Red Arrows and historic Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, put on a spectacular show over London.

Pilots in the cockpit look out to another aircraft in flight.

The formation today flew over RAF Cranwell’s iconic College Hall, which stood in for Buckingham Palace.  The first aircraft of the Flypast flew over College Hall at 13:00BST.  The display was reviewed by Air Commodore Mike Baulkwill, the Combat Air Force Commander for the RAF’s No 1 Group.  Air Commodore Baulkwill was standing in for Air Vice-Marshal Ian Duguid, Air Officer Commanding No 1 Group, who is the Senior Responsible Officer for the Flypast.

Aircraft in flight.

"I was reviewing the Flypast from a safety and execution point of view, to make sure the timings, spacings, and the broad structure of the flypast was looking good for next week. It went really well, we’ll have to make some minor adjustments, but the timing was perfect, and the line-up was good."

Commodore Mike Baulkwill
Combat Air Force Commander, No 1 Group

Pilots in the cockpit look out to another aircraft in flight.

"We are very proud to be able to show Her Majesty The Queen, our Commander-in-Chief, on this unique occasion for the longest-serving monarch and her 70 year Platinum Jubilee, our capability and present that as a fitting and appropriate tribute for her 70-year reign. It should be a good spectacle for the country, the union, and the Commonwealth."

Squadron Leader Greenhowe
Project Officer for the Flypast

Helicopters on the airfield.

"The flypast today went really well. We made our time on target over the top of College Hall which was standing in as Buckingham Palace. It has been in preparation for months and requires detailed coordination between all the different aircraft which fly at different speeds. I feel hugely privileged and excited to get to fly over the Palace for The Queen on this momentous occasion."

Squadron Leader Longland
RAF Puma Pilot

Pilots in the cockpit with camera equipment, looking out to another aircraft in flight.

The flypast on Thursday 2 June 2022 will follow the Queen’s Birthday Parade, known as Trooping The Colour, a major display of military pageantry involving 1,500 officers and soldiers and 250 horses from the British Army’s Household Division on Horse Guards Parade.  The Flypast will take place subject to weather, serviceability, and operational commitments.

Aircraft in flight.

The Armed Forces Platinum Jubilee Flypast will take place from College Hall at 13:00BST, on Thursday 2 June 2022

Her Majesty The Queen Platinum Jubilee