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RAF Police join NATO Operation ALLIED SOLACE

RAF Police personnel have deployed to Kosovo in support of the NATO Operation Allied Solace.  This operation was the NATO mission to evacuate Afghan nationals who had worked for NATO in Afghanistan and who have now left the country to begin new lives in NATO members states.

The deploying RAF Police are from Number 8 Force Protection Wing and arrived in Kosovo as part of a tri-service UK military police unit to supporting the UK’s commitment to relocate vulnerable Afghans via third countries.

The RAF Police will work with the Royal Military Police and the Royal Navy Police to conduct vetting, onward processing and resettlement to NATO countries of the Afghan contractors as well as providing specialist Air Transport Security.

"I am proud to be doing my part in ensuring the safe passage of vulnerable Afghans."

Corporal Billon
RAF Police

Also with the RAF Police are 140 soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles in Kosovo.  The UK contingent will work with other NATO personnel and British Embassy staff, to process over 800 Afghans that had been employed by NATO and their families.

The Afghans have initially been housed in temporary accommodation while they undergo vetting and processing before being resettled in NATO countries.  150 Afghans have been given residence in the UK.

"NATO's commitment is to ensure a safe and compassionate transfer of the evacuees, through temporary locations and on to more definitive resettlement.  It is a huge effort, and Allies and partners have come together to make it happen as quickly as possible.  We wish our Afghan colleagues heading to the UK the very best as they begin a new chapter, as we stay focused on those who remain in our care."

Admiral Robert Burke USN
NATO Allied Joint Force Commander, Naples

The temporary accommodation site in Kosovo, includes individual and family living quarters, dining facilities, medical and dental centres, meeting rooms, recreation areas for adults and children, religious accommodations, and Wi-Fi.

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