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RAF Police Joint Services Job Evaluation Team

RAF Police in a hangar.

Earlier in the year, RAF Honington saw seventy-five RAF Police across the ranks of Acting Corporal to Warrant Officer participate in a series of specialisation stands covering all elements of the RAF Police capabilities, as part of the Joint Services Job Evaluation Team enhanced update.

"I was incredibly impressed with all of the specialisation stands and briefs that were delivered on 27 April. You all represented the Trade with exceptional pride, professionalism and passion which absolutely came through to the judges. What particularly shone through was the confidence that you all demonstrated in speaking so expertly about your roles, across all the ranks that were present. I am very proud of you all."

Group Captain Foster-Jones
Provost Marshal RAF

RAF aviators stand in discussion.
Judges speaking with RAF Junior Non-Commissions Officers.

"You have absolutely represented the Trade in the best light and your interactions with the Judges were impactful. Without your positivity and desire to succeed, we could not have achieved and delivered the excellent stands and briefings, you should all be justifiably proud."

Squadron Leader Forbes
RAF Police Branch & Trade Adviser

This is the process which informs the Through Career Whole Trade Score which sets the trade pay supplement.

Image collage of RAF Police standing by presentation boards.
75 RAF Police participated in a series of specialisation stands covering all elements of the RAF Police capabilities.

The final Through Career Whole Trade will not be confirmed until the whole Job Evaluation process across Defence has been completed in March 2025.

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