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RAF Police PREVENT – Squadron Leader Kerslake 

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Squadron Leader Kerslake has had a wide and varied career within the RAF Police including working within PREVENT.

After joining the RAF in 1987, Kerslake was selected for commission in 2013 and appointed the Station Security Officer at RAF High Wycombe.  His role saw him engage with SO 15 Counter Terrorism Command regularly to put the correct measures in place to protect the Senior Leadership Team and the personnel employed at Air Command.

In 2015 Kerslake was posted into MOD Main Building as the RAF Police and Security Liaison Officer.  It was at this time that he threw himself into learning and promoting PREVENT within the RAF, assisting the Military liaison within the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters at New Scotland Yard with briefings at RAF establishments and working collaboratively in PREVENT cases.

Kerslake assisted with training for the RAF Police in Workshop Raising Awareness of PREVENT (WRAP), ensuring that 22 RAF Police were also WRAP trained and able to share their knowledge at their RAF Units.

In 2018 Kerslake was promoted to Sqn Ldr, following a short tour of Government Communications Headquarters.  In 2020 Squadron Leader Kerslake was awarded with a Chief of the Air Staff Commendation for his extracurricular activities, Squadron Leader Kerslake wrote the RAF Prevent Directive, still used across the RAF today.

Squadron Leader Kerslake is currently the Officer Commanding 7 Air Mobility Squadron at RAF Brize Norton, where he has supported the Future Operating Model for the RAF Police.  He continues with his work with PREVENT, promoting it across his Squadron and within the RAF.

Squadron Leader attends the CONTEST Board meetings with Hampshire, Thames Valley and Wiltshire Police Constabularies, as the Military Board Member representing the RAF.  This collaboration has created a closer working relationship between the Home Office Police Departments and the RAF Police and RAF Stations within Squadron Leader Kerslake’s area.

During his time working with PREVENT, he began to study with St Andrews University gaining a Masters in Terrorism Studies, attained in 2017.  He continues to have a keen interest in PREVENT and continually feeds back its development across Squadron and RAF Police.  

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