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The Evolution of Force Protection

On Monday 28 November, the RAF Force Protection Force and Support Forces evolved into the Global Enablement Organisation, part of No.2 Group.

As part of the evolution the RAF Force Protection Force has split into two distinct Forces, the Air Security Force and the Combat and Readiness Force. This was celebrated with a Flag Change Ceremony held at RAF Honington during the Stations Annual Formal Inspection by Air Officer Commanding No.2 Group Air Vice-Marshal Suraya Marshall.AOC No.2 Gp Air Vice-Marshal Suraya Marshall shaking hands with Air Officer Global Enablement, Air Commodore Jamie Thompson

“The Stand-up of the Air Security Force and Combat and Readiness Force will allow us to focus on the specialist capabilities which will allow Global Enablement to provide the freedom of action for Air and Space Power for the RAF and Defence in both the current and future operating environment, alongside the Medical Force, Support Force and 90 Signals Unit. It has been an honour to command the RAF Force Protection Force, the RAF Regiment and RAF Police and to be part of their evolution into Global Enablement.”

Air Officer Global Enablement, Air Commodore Jamie Thompson 

The Air Security Force, commanded by Provost Marshal (Royal Air Force), Group Captain Russ Foster-Jones, will incorporate all RAF Police and Security Squadrons into three Police and Security Wings, providing specialist protective security and counter-intelligence capabilities, alongside Air Mobility Security, Law Enforcement and high readiness global policing support.

Group Captain Russ Foster-Jones with command the Air Security Force

“The stand-up of the Air Security Force gives ‘Security’, as a critical operational enabler, the stand-alone visibility and operational profile it needs. The new force will support increasingly complex areas of the RAF Air and Space enterprise, seeking to safeguard against a range of persistent threats, with Espionage a particular area of constant concern.”

Group Captain Russ Foster-Jones 

The Combat and Readiness Force, commanded by Group Captain Jules Weekes will incorporate all RAF Regiment Squadrons and four Force Protection Wings, providing ground combat specialists in defence of Air and Space Power. The Combat and Readiness Force will also continue to lead and develop C-UAS capabilities and force generation and Air Land Integration.

Group Captian Jules Weekes will command the Combat and Readiness Force

“The formation of the Combat & Readiness Force comes at a time where we are seeing an increase in demand for our expertise across Defence. The new force will offer us opportunity to be more agile and service that demand. We will continue to adapt and evolve to become the most effective fighting force we can, employing technology where possible, while maintaining our lethality as the RAF’s dismounted close combat specialists.”

Group Captain Jules Weekes

Global Enablement will encompass 5 Pillars, Air Security Force, Combat and Readiness Force, Medical Force, Support Forces, and 90 Signals Unit, making the Royal Air Force more agile and better placed to enable Air and Space Power. What does not change is the delivery of integrated and specialist Air Force Protection as a Joint activity, which not only ensures we are able to PROTECT a 5th Generation Air Force, but that we remain interoperable with our partner nations and allies.

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