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The Next Generation Force Protection Vision - Update

Force Commander, Air Commodore Jamie Thompson, shares an update regarding Next Generation Force Protection.

Air Commodore Jamie Thompson

It has been one month since The Chief of the Air Staff’s Global Air and Space Chiefs’ Conference and the Next Generation FP Vision unveil.

So what has changed for RAF FP Force and why? 

We know that the threats to Air and Space Power are changing. We must be able to detect, deter and defeat everything from criminality, terrorism and espionage through to a peer armed force. 

That demands the evolution of the RAF Regiment and the RAF Police to face threats now!


15 Sqn RAF Regiment at RAF Akrotiri

We need an edge. Combat, security and policing are a people business. Through the fusion of technology and people, we are rapidly enhancing our capability to enable global Air and Space Power now. RAF Akrotiri is a great example of where we are evolving through experimentation! 

Surveillance and Reconnaissance drone

We are utilising leading edge Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance drones and ground sensors with Anduril and the JHub. With AI tools this is enhancing our ability to dominate large areas of ground and focus our forces into the right place!

Our work with Team Awareness Kits and new communications systems are allowing commanders and troops to make rapid and effective decisions, wherever they are deployed.


RAF Police digital Forensics

Our RAF Police specialists are providing surveillance, counter-espionage and defensive cyber operations alongside digital forensics and Law Enforcement wherever the RAF are deployed. Fusing multi-domain information to provide timely intelligence.


RAF FP Force Experimentation

We continue push the boundaries on experimentation. Robotics and autonomous ground systems are allowing us to approach tasks in unique ways, freeing up personnel to focus on more specialist tasks! But evolution is not just about ‘getting new kit’. We value proven capability. Our RAF Police Military Working Dogs provide unrivalled Search, Detect and Deter effects. Deployed globally they are the valued and effective team members!

Military Working Dog Handler team in the Falklands

C-UAS System

We have established a Counter Uncrewed Air Systems Wing formed of 3 Squadrons. At the leading edge of Defence operations they are deployed globally and in the UK supporting the UK Home Office and protecting our fixed bases and deployed locations.

RAF Regiment in Alaska

Our core business remains establishing the freedom of action for Air and Space Power. The RAF Regiment are threat hunters. Equipped to operate beyond our deployed and fixed bases. Finding threats and eliminating them, regardless of how distant and austere the location! 

ALI Joint Terminal Attack Controller

The RAF Regiment also enable Air Land Integration and are experts in Command and Control. Allowing commanders to integrate information and effects in complex battle spaces. We will grow this capability to support a more Agile #NextGenRAF. None of this is done alone! Integrated with our Joint Expeditionary Force #JEF and NATO partners we deliver global support and training. Deployed hand in hand to protect our values and always engaged! 


II Sqn RAF Regiment training Ukrainian Forces

The RAF FP Force is evolving now #NextGenFP starts here! Uncertainty and security challenges remain constant, and we are proud that we continue to deliver for the Royal Air Force and Defence. 


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