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The Next Generation Force Protection Vision at The Global Air and Space Chiefs Conference

Force Commander, Air Commodore Jamie Thompson has delivered the Next Generation Force Protection vision at The Global Air and Space Chiefs conference.Air Cdre Jamie Thompson

''The Global Air and Space Chiefs conference has promoted a lot of thinking and reflection, what is Air & Space FP and why is it important - and what is unique about the RAF Regiment & Royal Air Force Police and why can’t Defence do it more effectively?

Since taking Command of the Force I have explored the idea that the Force is uniquely qualified to provide the active defence for Air and Space unit locations; there is some truth in that - these environments demand specialist considerations to protect very high value assets.

But the reality is you could, if the capacity existed in Defence, train other elements to do this. Noting the complexities of the many sensors, emitters and high value assets which operate on an airfield or in the vicinity of a space ground element."

"However I have found it useful to give an example of a current operation to describe what is unique in the RAF FP Force and why it is efficient and effective for the Ministry of Defence to operate in the manner it does. As I note this, I have forces deployed on an Airfield delivering:

⚫️ Active ground Defence
⚫️ Military working dogs
⚫️ Protective Security
⚫️ Counterintelligence
⚫️ Law enforcement
⚫️ Counter UAS
⚫️ Search
⚫️ Human Intelligence Ops
⚫️ Air Land Integration & C2

All under one Commander at a very efficient scale.

This is what the RAF FP Force delivers everyday, globally and consistently held at Very High Readiness. We must focus on the most efficient use of our Force across a breadth of operations. Technology will support and let us become better threat hunters.

The RAF Regiment & RAF Police have a very specific specialist role which is critical for the Royal Air Force and Defence, and yes with spare capacity we do also assist the excellent Military Provost Guard Service, who also sit in my Force.

#NextGenFP will drive forward the ability to provide the very best security and defence for the Force and enable the agility which AirPower demands as we move forward in an uncertain and challenging global security environment''


CAS speaking with RAF Regiment and RAF Police at the ConferenceThe FP Stand at the conference

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