No 11 Group, led by the Global Air Component Commander, provides Command and Control of Air Operations worldwide. 11 Group provides Air Defence of the UK through the National Air & Space Operations Centre, the ability to deploy with other services and nations with the Joint Force Air Component and projecting air power in the Middle East through 83 Expeditionary Air Group (EAG).

Our vision is to be an agile and resilient Global Air Component that commands, operates and fights; interoperable with Allies and across all domains. 

Defence of the heart



Following the Operational Command of PJHQ (Permanent Joint HQ) 11 Gp HQ supports the creation, coordination, and completion of Operational Air taskings. 11 Gp HQ is responsible for the Operational Control of all operations and exercises throughout the RAF and provides the through-life planning, direction, support, and assurance for all functions, enabling a vast array of worldwide Air activity.

Some of the functions that 11 Gp provide include:

Providing intelligence updates and threat assessments.

Providing the focal point for the RAF’s contribution to operations through Crisis Commitments and overseeing the output of air and space effects.

Coordination of Military Aid to Civil Authorities through the RAF Regional Liaison Officers. 

Development of all policy and plans for Joint, NATO and Multinational operations, including the UK. 

Planning and directing the provision of communications information services for Air Operations and Exercises. 

Training through coordination and delivery of RAF participation in major international exercises, both at home and overseas alongside our Allies.

National Air & Space Operations Centre

The National Air & Space Operations Centre (NASOC) provides resilient Command and Control of the UK Air Defence System thus ensuring the integrity of the UK sovereign airspace and contributing to UK Homeland Defence and Resilience operations.

83 Expeditionary Air Group

83 Expeditionary Air Group (EAG) is responsible for the delivery of UK national and Defence objectives across the Middle East by Air. They extend from the Southern end of the Arabian Gulf to the Eastern Mediterranean. 
Personnel across the region perform to the highest of standards across a wide variety of Defence missions from Defence Engagement to Air Combat. Adaptable, capable and operationally focused, 83 EAG stands ready to deliver world class air power wherever and whenever it is required to meet the challenges of the future.

Joint Force Air Component

The Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) is the Very High Readiness, deployable, Air Command and Control element of 11 Group. It provides Command and Control of all assets that are assigned to the Global Air Component Commander for National, Bilateral, Alliance and Coalition Operations.

Joint Air Liaison Organisation

Joint Air Liaison Organisation (JALO) is the Defence lead for Air Land and Air Maritime integration. The JALO coordinates the generation and development of joint and multinational capabilities in order to exploit the effects of air power. It is the Joint User for the Joint Terminal Attack Controller capability.


Air Vice-Marshal Tom Burke CBE MA

AVM Burke was appointed Air Officer Commanding 11 Group in August 2023. Commissioned from a University Cadetship in 1992, he completed his pilot training on the Tornado and joined 31 Squadron at RAF Brüggen. He commanded 39 Squadron at Creech Air Force Base flying Reaper in support of Op Herrick and was Station Commander of RAF Waddington. Away from flying he enjoyed spells in Aviation Safety, Tornado Force HQ, US Staff College Faculty, Air Staff Strategy, and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) Capability Development.

Married to Sian, he likes long walks, skiing, diving and supporting Crystal Palace.

Key dates


Formed on 1st April, the Group only existed for just over a month before being disbanded.


Active between 22 August and reduced to wing size just two years later.


On 14 July 1936, 11 Group became the first RAF Fighter Command group formed, with the responsibility for the air defence of southern England, including London. 11 Group's most famous period was during the Battle of Britain when, due to its position, 11 Group bore the brunt of the German aerial assault.


11 Group was incorporated into RAF Strike Command in 1968, with its headquarters at RAF Bentley Priory. Here, the Group took responsibility for the UK Air Defence Region and was instrumental in monitoring the Nation’s airspace and directing the RAF’s air defence assets for much of the Cold War.


The Group was merged with the maritime units of No 18 Gp to form No 11/18 Gp before being disbanded on 1 Apr 2000.


Reformed on 1st November is No 11 Group.


The role of Air Component Commander (ACC) was established on 1 Feb 2023. The ACC has the edict of having total operational control of Air assets.