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Air Specialist 1 (Technician) Hannah Fry


My career highlight so far

I have a couple of stand out ones. To be fair there have been a few so this was difficult. 1) Was when I apart of the Euro Trainer which is were I travelled with the helicopters across Europe so the aircrew could complete their qualifications. Was just a bonus it was going through France, Germany and Amsterdam. 2) Was being one of the first Chinook teams on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and getting to experience that. My Grandad was Navy so thought it was fitting as he always asked why I joined the RAF instead of the Navy.

The best thing about my current role

It has helped me as a person giving me the confidence to do things I never thought I would be able to do, I have also learnt a trade that will stay with me for life. Also the travel I have been to places I would never get to go and everywhere I have been has been incredible.