1 (F) Squadron

Part of the Northern Quick Reaction Alert securing the skies in the RAF's mission to defend the UK's airspace.

First in all things

A winged numeral '1' - approved July 1936 by King Edward VIII as the authorised version of a badge which had originated during World War I featuring a wreathed roundel from which sprouted a pair of Royal Flying Corps wings and on which the figure '1' was superimposed.


  • Based at RAF Lossiemouth, one of two Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) stations in the UK
  • The World's oldest flying squadron in service 
  • Former aircraft have included the Bristol Scout, Hurricane I, Spitfire IX and the Harrier GR5
  • 1 (F) Squadron introduced the Typhoon's Paveway IV capability to the front-line


1912 - Founder squadron of the Royal Flying Corps, the RAF's predecessor.

1940 - Took part in the Battle of Britain.

1969 - World's first Harrier 'jump-jet' squadron.

2012 - Stood up as the RAF's fourth Typhoon squadron.

2019 - NATO Air Policing in Iceland

Battle honours

Western Front 1915-1918*

Ypres 1915*

Neuve Chappelle


Somme 1916*


Ypres 1917



Somme 1918

Hindenburg Line

Independent Force and Germany 1918*

Kurdistan 1922-1925

Iraq 1923-1925

France and Low Countries 1939-1940*

Battle of Britain 1940*

Channel and North Sea 1941-1945

Home Defence 1940-1945

Fortress Europe 1941-1944*


Normandy 1944

France and Germany 1944-1945*

Biscay 1944-1945


South Atlantic 1982*


Iraq 2003*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard).


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