1 Squadron RAF Regiment

Arkish Surrish (Swift and Sudden)


1 Squadron RAF Regiment falls under 7 Force Protection Wing.  They aim to provide a highly-trained Active Defence Squadron that is employable across a wide spectrum of threat environments in order to enable UK Air and Space Power.

The Squadron specialises in operating with wheeled Armoured Vehicles such as Jackal, Foxhound.  They are highly trained in dismounted close combat, Ground Extraction Force, Close Quarter Battle and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear operating environments.

The Squadron comprises of nearly 170 personnel including RAF Police, Mechanics, Chefs, Clerks and Paramedics, with regular training exercises across the UK and overseas in support of RAF Operations.


1921 - Formed as 1 Armoured Car Company at Heliopolis, Egypt.

1941 - Defended RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, from pro-Nazi Iraqi forces.

2007 - The first Military Cross was awarded to an Airman of the RAF during the Battle of Al Waki Market.



Battle honours

  • Kurdistan 1922-23
  • Kurdistan 1930-31
  • Palestine 1936
  • Habbaniya, Iraq 1941
  • Egypt & Libya 1941-43
  • Gulf 1991
  • Former Yugoslavia Jun 95
  • Bosnia - Jun 97
  • Kuwait - Feb 99
  • Iraq 2003 - 2011

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