1 Tactical Police Squadron (22 Group Security Squadron) falls under the Air Security Force and is headquartered at RAF Cranwell. 

The Squadron was established in 2021 when the RAF Police introduced their new operating model ensuring it can adapt rapidly to new threats and continue to remain in the best possible position to protect, secure and enable the Next Generation Air Force. 

Service and security



They are responsible for providing Policing and Security to all RAF training establishments which includes RAF Cosford, RAF Halton, RAF Shawbury, MoD St Athan, RAF St Mawgan, RAF Woodvale and RAF Valley.

The Squadron provides security advice to seven Headquarters, including the Air Cadet Organisation, RAF Sport Board and RAF College.  It also advises Number 22 Group Headquarters at RAF High Wycombe on the delivery of security.


Number 1 (Tactical) Police Squadron can trace its history back to the end of WWII and has seen operational service in over 60 countries.

2021   (Tactical) Police Squadron re-rolled to support Number 22 Group.