10 Squadron

Providing state-of-the-art air tanker and transport operations as the first A330 Squadron.

To hit the mark

To hit the mark


10 Squadron are based at RAF Brize Norton, the home of air mobility operations. They flew the first RAF aircraft over Berlin in WWII. Aircraft flown by the Squadron have included the Halifax BII and III, Dakota and the VC10. 10 Squadron provides RAF and Coalition forces vital air-to-air refueling in support of Operation SHADER.


1915   Formed at Farnborough.
1947   Took part in the Berlin Airlift.
1956   Took part in the Suez crisis.
2011   Reformed on 1 July 2011 as the first Voyager squadron.

Battle honours

1915-1918   Western Front

1915-1918   Loos

1916   Somme

1916   Arras

1918   Somme

1940-1945   Channel and North Sea

1940   Norway

1940-1945   Ruhr

1940-1944   Fortress Europe

1940-1945   German Ports

1940-1945   Biscay Ports

1940-1945   Berlin

1940   Invasion Ports

1944-1945   France and Germany

1944   Norway

1991   Rhine, Gulf

2003-2011   Iraq

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard).


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