100 Squadron

Providing advanced air combat training in the UK and overseas.

Never stir up a hornet's nest

In front of two bones in saltire, a skull - approved by King George VI in November 1937. The badge was the official version of a motif used by the Squadron on the Western Front in 1917.


  • Based at RAF Leeming, home of training and support for UK expeditionary air operations
  • 100 Squadron were the last squadron to land from a combat mission before the Armistice was signed
  • Aircraft flown have included the Vildebeest, Lancaster, Victor B2 and the Canberra
  • Provides threat replication for Typhoon and other air-to-air mission training; and Close Air Support training for Land units


1917 - Formed at Hingham.

1920 - Provided close air support during the Irish War of Independence.

1945 - Took part in the humanitarian operations MANNA and EXODUS.

1995 - Moved to RAF Leeming.

Battle honours

Western Front 1917-1918

Ypres 1917*

Somme 1918*

Independent Force and Germany 1918*

Malaya 1941-1942*

Fortress Europe 1943-1944*

Biscay Ports 1943-1945

Ruhr 1943-1945

Berlin 1943-1945*

German Ports 1943-1945

Baltic 1943-1945

France and Germany 1944-1945

Normandy 1944*


(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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