115 Squadron

Providing pilot instructor training.

Despite the elements


  • Based at RAF Wittering, in Cambridgeshire
  • Took part in the Gee (experimental radio navigation aid) trials vital to Bomber Command
  • Aircraft flown have included the Lancaster BI and BII, Canberra, Andover E3 and the Tutor T1
  • Trains flying instructors for all three UK armed forces


1917 - Formed at Catterick, Yorkshire.

1918 - Joined the Independent Force Squadron carrying out the first strategic bombing raids into Germany.

1950 - Began operating the B-29 Superfortress.

1958 - The Squadron operated as a radar calibration unit using a variety of RAF transport aircraft.

2008 - Became the Grob Tutor instructor training squadron.

Battle honours

Independent Force & Germany 1918*

Channel & North Sea 1939–1943*

Norway 1940*

France & Low Countries

German Ports 1940–1945*

Ruhr 1940–1945*

Fortress Europe 1940–1945*

Invasion Ports 1940

Berlin 1940–1945*

Biscay Ports 1940–1943

Baltic 1943

Normandy 1944*

France & Germany 1944–1945


(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard).


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