12 Squadron

A joint RAF and Qatar Emiri Air Force Squadron.

Leads the Field

A fox's mask – approved by King George VI in February 1937. Based on a suggestion when the squadron was equipped with the Fairey Fox, an aircraft of which it was the proud sole operator.


  • Based at RAF Coningsby
  • Aircraft flown include the Fairey Fox, Vickers Wellington, English Electric Canberra, Blackburn Buccaneer and Panavia Tornado
  • Flew long-range Storm Shadow missions deep into Libya from RAF Marham in 2011
  • Stood up as a joint UK-Qatari Typhoon squadron in July 2018


1915 - Formed at Netheravon

1926 - Sole operator of the Fairey Fox

1940 - Flying Officer Garland and Sergeant Gray were awarded Victoria Crosses for a Fairey Battle raid on the Maastricht bridge over the Albert Canal. The unit soon re-equipped with the Vickers Wellington

1942 – Re-equipped with the Lancaster

1951 – Re-equipped with the Canberra and then with the Vulcan, in 1962

1969 – Switched to maritime and strike operations with the Buccaneer

1991 – Flew the Buccaneer in Operation GRANBY, the 1991 Gulf War

1993 – Re-equipped with the Tornado GR1B

1998 - Took part in Operation DESERT FOX over Iraq

2003 – Took part in Operation TELIC over Iraq with the Tornado GR4

2010 - First Tornado unit in Afghanistan

2011 – Took part in Operation ELLAMY, including Storm Shadow missions from RAF Marham

2014 – Stood down

2015 – Re-formed to support Operation SHADER

2018 – Stood down in February and re-formed as a joint Typhoon unit in July

2020 – Began joint operations at RAF Coningsby

Battle honours

Western Front 1915-1918


Somme 1916


Cambrai 1917*

Somme 1918*

Hindenburg Line

France and Low Countries 1939-1940*

Meuse Bridges*

Fortress Europe 1940-1944

German Ports 1941-1945

Biscay Ports 1940-1945

Berlin 1941-1945*

Ruhr 1941-1945*

France and Germany 1944-1945


Gulf 1991*

Iraq 2003-2011

Afghanistan 2001-2014

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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