14 Squadron

The only Shadow R1 unit providing the RAF with crucial reconnaissance support on operations.

I spread my wings and keep my promise

A winged plate charged with a cross throughout and shoulder pieces of a suit of armour - approved by King George VI in May 1937. The badge represents a crusader in association with the Cross of St George because of the Squadron's close First World War ties with Diospolis, Palestine, the reputed burial place of the Saint, and its location in the Middle East at the time of submission to the Chester Herald.


  • Based at RAF Waddington, hub of the intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance fleet
  • 14 Squadron helped to defend the Suez Canal and the Holy City of Mecca
  • Aircraft flown have included the Wellesley, Mosquito FBVI, Phantom FGR2 and Jaguar
  • Operates the Beechcraft Shadow R1 aircraft


1915 - Formed at Shoreham.

1940 - Based at Port Sudan for operations in Africa.

1942 - Primary role turned to torpedo-bombing.

1991 - Took part in Operation GRANBY.

2016 - Reformed with Shadow R1.

Battle honours

Egypt 1915-1917*



Arabia 1916-1917*

Palestine 1917-1918*

Transjordan 1924

Palestine 1936-1939

East Africa 1940-1941*

Mediterranean 1941-1943*

Egypt and Libya 1941-1942*

Sicily 1943*

Atlantic 1945*

Gulf 1991


Iraq 2003-2011

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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