17 Squadron

The operational test and evaluation squadron for the F-35B Lightning.

Strive to excel

A gauntlet. The badge symbolises armed strength and also commemorates the type of aircraft the squadron was flying when the badge was awarded. 


  • Stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in California
  • Became the RAF's first Typhoon squadron (in the operational evaluation role)
  • Aircraft flown have included the Hurricane I & II, Canberra PR7 and the Tornado GR1
  • Responsible for bringing the UK's first 5th generation combat aircraft into Royal Navy and Royal Air Force front-line service


1915 - Formed at Gosport and saw service in the Middle East.

1940 - Took part in the Battle of Britain.

1941 - Moved to the Far East, where it spent the rest of the War.

1991 - Took part in the first Gulf War flying the Tornado GR1.

2003 - The first RAF squadron to receive the Eurofighter Typhoon.

2014 - The first UK squadron to take delivery of F-35B Lightning.

Battle honours

Egypt 1915-1916*

Palestine 1916*

Macedonia 1916-1918*

France & Low Countries 1940*


Home Defence 1940

Battle of Britain 1940*

Burma 1942*

Arakan 1943

Burma 1944-1945*

Gulf 1991*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)

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