207 Squadron

Training the next generation of Lightning pilots from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Semper Paratus - Always Prepared

A winged lion statant. The design of this badge was based on a similar device which the unit had been unofficially using for some time previously.


  • Based at RAF Marham, is the joint RAF and Royal Navy Operational Conversion Unit for Lightning.
  • Started as 7 Naval Air Squadron in 1916.
  • Previous aircraft flown include the Airco DH.9A, Lancaster, Valiant and Tucano.


1916 - Formed as a Royal Naval Air Service squadron at Petit-Synthe, France.

1918 - Became part of the RAF as 207 Squadron.

1938 - Became the Fairey Battle operational training unit at RAF Cottesmore.

1969 - Reformed at RAF Northolt as the RAF Communications Squadron, disbanding again in 1984.

2002 - Reformed at RAF Linton-on-Ouse as 207 (Reserve) Squadron conducting Basic Fast Jet Training for RAF and Royal Navy pilots, disbanding again in 2012.

2019 - Stood up as 207 Squadron at RAF Marham as the F-35 Lightning Operational Conversion Unit.

Battle honours

Western Front, 1916–1918

Ypres, 1917*

Somme, 1918*


Hindenburg Line*

Biscay Ports, 1941–1945

German Ports, 1941–1945*

Berlin, 1941–1945*

Ruhr, 1941–1945*

Baltic 1941–1945

Fortress Europe 1941–1944

France & Germany, 1944–1945*

Normandy, 1944*

Honours marked with an asterisk* are those emblazoned on the Squadron Standard


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