28 Squadron

Training the RAF's support helicopter crews.

Whatsoever you may do, do

In front of a demi-Pegasus, a fasces, approved by HM King Edward VIII in October 1936. The demi-Pegasus represents the white horse on the downs near Yatesbury - the Squadron's first operational base - while the fasces commemorates service in Italy during the first World War.


  • Based at RAF Benson, home to the RAF's Puma Force
  • Operated the RAF's first Merlin HC3 aircraft
  • Aircraft flown have included the Camel, Hurricane II, Whirlwind HAR10 and Wessex HC2
  • Supported operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan


1915 - Formed at Gosport.

1997 - The last RAF unit to leave Hong Kong.

2003 - First Merlin operational detachment to Bosnia.

2015 - Re-formed as the Support Helicopter Operational Conversion Unit.

Battle honours

Italian Front and Adriatic 1917-1918*


Vittoria Venito

Waziristan 1921-1925*

North-West Frontier 1939*

Burma 1942*

Arakan 1943-1944*

Manipur 1944*

Burma 1944-1945*

Afghanistan 2020*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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