29 Squadron

The RAF’s Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit

Energetic and keen

An eagle in flight preying on a buzzard - symbolising air combat.


  • Stationed at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, one of two Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) stations in the UK
  • During World War One, 26 of the pilots had achieved 'Ace' Status
  • Aircraft flown have included the Mosquito, Phantom and Tornado F3
  • Training RAF combat air pilots on the Typhoon, ready for front-line operations


1915 - Formed at Gosport and travelled to France as a fighter squadron.

1940 - The Squadron began service as a defensive night fighter squadron.

1943 - Began offensive night intruder operations defending RAF heavy bombers.

1987 - Became the first operational squadron to be equipped with the Tornado F3.

2003 - The second RAF squadron to receive the Typhoon.


Battle honours

Western Front, 1916–1918*

Somme, 1916*


Ypres, 1917*

Somme, 1918*


Channel & North Sea, 1939–1940*

Battle of Britain, 1940*

Home Defence, 1940–1945*

Fortress Europe, 1943–1945

Normandy, 1944

France & Germany, 1944–1945*


Honours marked with an asterisk* are emblazoned on the Squadron Standard


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